Join me as I share my new artwork, artistic process and new updates on events and more!

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Did you know that my Macroscapes, which can be blown up to over 4 feet, capture areas of my paintings as small as your fingernail?

I am fascinated with details and patterns and want to bring the viewer in for a closer examination. In a way, my art is an exercise in perspective and perception.

In this video, learn more about my artistic process. See how paintings are sampled into MacroScapes (macro photography) and then digitally manipulated to create Modern Mandalas!

Here are some of the main pieces called out in the video:

Amoeba Bay (various sizes)

Amoeba Bay (various sizes)

Blue Nebula No.1 (20x30)

Blue Nebula No.1 (20x30)

Jurassic Tidepools (24x12)

Jurassic Tidepools (24x12)

4 cool things about parrotfish

There are few species of fish, in my opinion, with a more psychedelic pastel color palate than parrotfish. They are definitely one of my favorite fish to watch just because of color alone.

Their polychromatic combinations are sure to visually ooze tropical color delights of sea-foam green, electric blue, vibrant pinks and lava oranges.

There are about 80-90 known species of parrotfish all found on tropical reefs but its difficult to classify because, they show different color patterns according to their age and sex.


1) They can change sex

The offspring are almost always females to begin with. However, some of them will change into males as time goes on exhibiting a behavior in biology as sequential hermaphroditism (when the individual changes sex at some point in its life). 

In fact, some parrotfish change sex multiple times in a lifetime! Experts don’t really know what causes some to change and others not to, but it is a fascinating way for the species to be able to keep a balance of gender in the population.

Can you imagine what kind of world would we live in if humans had to change sex multiple times in a lifetime? 


2) Their poop makes up most of Hawaii’s beaches

source:  Sisbro

source: Sisbro

If you’ve sat on a white sand beach in Hawaii then you really sat on poop - parrotfish poop to be exact. “In fact, most of Hawaii’s white sandy beaches are actually parrotfish poop. These fish can turn 1 ton of coral into sand in a year.” The fish basically eat algae that grows on the coral, taking off small pieces in the process and since these fish do not have stomachs, their meals pass straight along the long intestine, bursting out in a cloud of sand out the backdoor. “Larger parrotfish are like sand factories, producing as much as 840 pounds of sand per year.”


3) Their bite is almost as strong as a lion’s

The cool thing is that their first set of teeth is composed of interwoven microcrystals of fluorapatite, which are among the ­hardest biominerals in the world. The hardness of parrotfish teeth measured near the biting surface is about 530psi (tons of pressure per square inch) - equivalent to a stack of about 88 African elephants - compressed to a square inch of space! To give a perspective, a lion’s bite is about 650psi.

Parrotfish’s second set of teeth further grinds the substrate finer. Interestingly, oysters, sponges and seaworms also produce sand, but no where as proficient as parrotfish. Makes you wonder if beaches suffering from beach erosion could be helped by the introduction of schools of hungry parrotfish and others to help generate more sand, of course assuming the corals themselves are healthy.


4) They sleep in a cocoon

The last weird fact about them is some species encapsulate themselves in a cocoon of mucus before they sleep at night. Scientists believe that this bubble might ­protect the fish from predators — such as eels and sharks — by masking its scent. ­Others suggest it might work as a ­protective mechanism by giving the sleeping fish a ­heads-up when a predator has ­penetrated the cocoon.” 

Parrot Fish Jungle M2    -  Modern Mandala Series inspired by the vibrant parrotfish found in Hawaii

Parrot Fish Jungle M2 - Modern Mandala Series inspired by the vibrant parrotfish found in Hawaii

See more of my parrotfish inspired Modern Mandala series now

Pareidolia in Art: An Optical Illusion You’ve Experienced But (probably) Never Heard Of

source:  TwisterSifter

Ever since I was a kid I was always interested in optical illusions and tricks of the eye. I was fascinated by the ambiguity and making sense of it all. That fascination has continued into my adult life with the interests of pareidolia, that is, seeing animals faces and objects out of patterns.

Pareidolia In Art

And when it comes to creating art, I am not alone in this exotic way!


Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter who used assembled animals, books, fruit, flowers, fish, and vegetables to create imaginative portraits of people.

Artists like Salvador Dali have cited the groundbreaking painter's Composite Heads as a major source of inspiration. But it was Museum of Modern Art director Alfred H. Barr's inclusion of his works in the 1930s exhibition Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism that re-introduced the world to Arcimboldo's originality and influence. Retroactively, art historians dubbed the Renaissance Mannerist the grandfather of Surrealism.

"Purple Urchin M3"

Modern Mandalas

Examining pareidolia in my art


Pareidolia in Modern Mandalas

As for pareidolia in my art, these Modern Mandalas are simply a result of repetitively mirroring images. This cognitive type of optical illusion is effective at recreating the psychedelic experience through pareidolic symmetry.

Whenever you mirror something geometric patterns are bound to arise.

Fantastical creatures and more

And as such, the mandalas conjure archetypes such as aliens, angels, demons, fantastical animals, insects, and the alike.

It is worth mentioning that these images of pareidolia in my art are created by mere chance and are not created intentionally. It is the viewers’ imagination that keeps creating almost unlimited interpretations and variations that seemingly morph and flow — the more you look at the art.

Viewing these mandalas is like taking a journey into the multiverse and/or even different dimensions of perceived reality.
— Cameron Emmanuel

[Sneak-peek] My new online Ärt store

New Art Website via ArtStoreFronts

Ärt Store

Opening soon

Very excited to announce my art store will be opening soon. Here’s a sneak peek of how it looks and works!


Original Paintings & Prints

To start, there will be a handful of original paintings and best-selling prints of Modern Mandalas and MacroScapes available. The Best Sellers consist of selections that are popular at the gallery and also with my followers.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.26.24 AM.jpg

Prints are archival quality and also available in stretched canvas. You can purchase just the print or get it ready-to-hang with custom frames or mounts.

And because this is all done on the backend through automatic fulfillment with one of the best online art platforms, Art Store Fronts, I can minimize the need for inventory and keep cost of prints affordable.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.27.12 AM.jpg

Custom Frames

Choose from a variety of frames and even get it with a mat!

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.28.15 AM.jpg


Change size, room, even wall color


You will be even able to preview the artwork in all available sizes and finishes, in a variety of environments. This will really help you get a sense of the "true" size of the artwork. 

And last but not least... this is probably the coolest feature: Live Preview! 

Live Preview is an augmented reality tool that taps into your phone’s camera and displays the artwork, so you can preview it right where you are. 

Try it now!

Here’s how:

If you’re on your mobile device now, click this button.

If you’re on the computer, scan this QR code with your phone (just pop open the Camera app).

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 1.28.01 AM.jpg

Cool, right?!

Stay tuned as I build up the Ärt Store! :)


cameron emmanuel  

2018 Updates

Hi all, here's a video update on what's been going on in the first half of 2018! 

Highlights in 2018 include new jewelry based on my macros and mandalas, clothing designs that would be ideal for Burning Man and festivals and these captivating textiles made of fleece.

Delighted to share that I'm now working on animating my digital art designs, exploring virtual reality (VR) art as well as collaborations with DJs in the Bay Area.



Open Studios 2017 in the Castro!

Join me

Hello, I am thrilled to opening up my art studio to all at Open Studios 2017 in the Castro. 

Sat and Sun, November 11-12


2169 15th Street, Side Unit A, CA 94114

Open Studios Artist: Cameron E.G.

💎 3D blacklight experience
📽 Projection art
🎨 Paintings and digital art
🎼 Original music 



Numerous galleries are within walking distance to the Castro Muni Station or F Street Car, including Art Attack SF, Castro Street Art Saves Lives Studio, and Spark Arts.  


Hope to see you at Open Studios 2017 in the Castro!
— Best, Cameron E. G.

Summer 2017 Update

I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog. In no particular order of importance, here is a list of interesting highlights over the last several months.

  • Creating a new series of Kaleido Jewels, which are created by transmuting photos of my acrylic paintings. So basically, art from my own self-sampled art.
  • Setting up my second show at How Weird 2017 - the annual gathering which celebrated 50 years of the Summer of Love. It's one of my favorite events because I get to create a series of "street art."
  • My first group exhibition outside of San Francisco, at the Pacific Art League in downtown Palo Alto!
  • Group exhibitions at City Arts, a local favorite co-op gallery in the heart of the Mission District. Serious local talent - do go check it out. There are monthly rotating artists, so it keeps things fresh.
  • A solo exhibition at Philz Coffee by the iconic San Francisco Ferry Building through the month of August. 
  • Participating at the SF edition of Pancakes and Booze - a national art show with, as the name implies: free pancakes, drinks, amazing DJs and a great crowd! Different from a normal art exhibition and a fun weekend overall.

Photo Story

I've created a little photo story that capture some of the highlights over the last few months. 

City Art July Exhibition

Debuting My Digital Art

In July 2017, I exhibited my newest format of art: Kaleido Jewels at City Arts! These are archival dye sublimation prints on aluminum and shine brilliantly.

"Abstraction" Group Exhibition, April 2017,  at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto

Venturing down the Bay Area to Palo Alto

Had my first exhibition outside of San Francisco; This was the "Abstraction" group exhibition at  at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto in April 2017

Cameron E.G. at How Weird 2017

"Summer of Weird" at the Annual How Weird Festival

How Weird celebrates a diverse group of talented artists - ranging from musicians, visual artists and body painters. This 2017 edition was no different.  I absolutely love the energized crowds. Also, it's an avenue for me to explore street art, something I don't normally get exposed to.

Cameron E. G. solo exhibition at Philz Coffee

Celebrating "Summer of Love" at Philz

Solo exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Summer of Love" at Philz Coffee by the San Francisco Ferry Building

Spring 2017 Update

My First Art Auction and Lessons with Calls for Entries

In the past few months, I've been focused on solidifying my artist statement / body of work and applying to calls-for-entries for various shows and exhibitions in the Spring. 

Lots of lessons so far, I'll try to share all I learn through this blog.

I set off this year with a goal of getting into a gallery. I'm humbled to see my art selected by a few galleries thus far and my recent piece, "Clownfish" (30" by 45") sell at the Artspan 2017 Art Charity Auction! Here's how I did it.

Getting Into Galleries Through Calls for Entry

Call for Entry, Call for Entry, Call for Entry. 

The great news is that there are dozens of calls for entry a week, and that most galleries / spaces are eager to display and sell work of artists (emerging or not).

I highly recommend Call for Entry ( for both national and international calls for artists. These calls range from Awards, Exhibitions and Competitions, to Grants and even Residencies. The three galleries that I was accepted at and the Art Auction all all had calls for entry on this comprehensive Listing. 

The bad news is that with each call for entry, it costs $ to enter, and often more money to submit additional pieces.

Determining Which Call for Entry to Enter

I am an abstract contemporary artist, so naturally I sought out keywords for contemporary art, photography and local calls (many were restricted to local artists). These local shows were a little easier on the pocket (vs. shipping art) and also easier to coordinate as an emerging artist.

I also decided to submit to YICCA, an international contemporary art competition, in bid to expand beyond California and hopefully gain some international exposure ( I also suggest you research past exhibitions at the galleries that are calling for artists to get a sense of whether your work would fit in. Also, do your due diligence on the art jury to see how your piece is aligned with their taste. 

An upcoming call for entry I'm very excited about is Open Miami, which will coincide with Art Basel Miami later this year!

That call for entry closes on April 9th and I'll soon hear back from YICCA on whether I'm accepted!

Upcoming Shows / Festivals

My art will be displayed at the "Abstraction" exhibitions at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto starting April 7th and at the "Art Attacks Cancer" through Art Attack later this month. I'm also preparing a new collection of art for How Weird 2017 -- the amazing annual street festival in San Francisco -- more on that to follow!

I've recently added a new Gallery Tour experience that takes visitors through my intermedia art process. Check it out... and don't forget to play the music as well! 

January in Full Throttle

Setting up a photoshoot with my new UV-reactive Lava / Volcano series.

Setting up a photoshoot with my new UV-reactive Lava / Volcano series.

Since moving a few weeks ago, I now have my own studio space. And... what a world of difference. We picked up an IKEA Artist Table from Craigslist and it's perfect. The table height raises and even tilts; more importantly, dried paint is easily scraped and cleaned off.

With the dedicated studio space and artist table, my productivity level has swung to full throttle. 

Lately, I've been working on a UV-reactive series that glows in the dark. By mixing UV paint, these new pieces glow vividly under UV/Blacklights. 

So far, my arts-in-progress include a large panorama of a volcano (see video), and three smaller pieces that others have described as "underwater shipwrecks" and "tropical coral." 

As I continue building out the website with more complete features this month, I look forward to revealing more about my UV-reactive series

New Year, New Site!

2016 was a tumultuous year for many, including myself. The year was filled with lessons and new firsts, including the debut of my art at the street festival How Weird in San Francisco. It was incredible to expose my emerging art to festival-goers and art lovers. Their fascination and positive encouragement pushed me to become more serious in my artistic endeavors. 

My debut at How Weird, 2016

My debut at How Weird, 2016


In the summer, I was honored to have several of my lithographic aluminum plates exhibited at ArtSavesLives, in the heart of historic Castro. Thomasina is truly an inspiration to many aspiring artists and her inclusion of my art was a great milestone.

Fun people and incredible performances at the ArtSavesLives gallery.

Fun people and incredible performances at the ArtSavesLives gallery.

In the fall and Holidays, my art took a backseat as I switched jobs, moved in with my partner into a cozy apartment in the beautiful neighborhood of Duboce Triangle, and spent time with family.

I am proud to reveal my new website, hosted on SquareSpace. Highly recommended for all artists / musicians. It was effortless and does all the things I need.

Please follow me as I renew my focus on my art gallery in 2017.