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Spring 2017 Update

My First Art Auction and Lessons with Calls for Entries

In the past few months, I've been focused on solidifying my artist statement / body of work and applying to calls-for-entries for various shows and exhibitions in the Spring. 

Lots of lessons so far, I'll try to share all I learn through this blog.

I set off this year with a goal of getting into a gallery. I'm humbled to see my art selected by a few galleries thus far and my recent piece, "Clownfish" (30" by 45") sell at the Artspan 2017 Art Charity Auction! Here's how I did it.

Getting Into Galleries Through Calls for Entry

Call for Entry, Call for Entry, Call for Entry. 

The great news is that there are dozens of calls for entry a week, and that most galleries / spaces are eager to display and sell work of artists (emerging or not).

I highly recommend Call for Entry ( for both national and international calls for artists. These calls range from Awards, Exhibitions and Competitions, to Grants and even Residencies. The three galleries that I was accepted at and the Art Auction all all had calls for entry on this comprehensive Listing. 

The bad news is that with each call for entry, it costs $ to enter, and often more money to submit additional pieces.

Determining Which Call for Entry to Enter

I am an abstract contemporary artist, so naturally I sought out keywords for contemporary art, photography and local calls (many were restricted to local artists). These local shows were a little easier on the pocket (vs. shipping art) and also easier to coordinate as an emerging artist.

I also decided to submit to YICCA, an international contemporary art competition, in bid to expand beyond California and hopefully gain some international exposure ( I also suggest you research past exhibitions at the galleries that are calling for artists to get a sense of whether your work would fit in. Also, do your due diligence on the art jury to see how your piece is aligned with their taste. 

An upcoming call for entry I'm very excited about is Open Miami, which will coincide with Art Basel Miami later this year!

That call for entry closes on April 9th and I'll soon hear back from YICCA on whether I'm accepted!

Upcoming Shows / Festivals

My art will be displayed at the "Abstraction" exhibitions at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto starting April 7th and at the "Art Attacks Cancer" through Art Attack later this month. I'm also preparing a new collection of art for How Weird 2017 -- the amazing annual street festival in San Francisco -- more on that to follow!

I've recently added a new Gallery Tour experience that takes visitors through my intermedia art process. Check it out... and don't forget to play the music as well!