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Cameron Emmanuel's style might be described as Neo-Classical. As a composer, He is inspired most by the Classical Masters. Often, he uses bold statements with lyrical melodies, colorful orchestration, and varied textures. Drawing his strengths from his slower movements, he express a varied palette of emotions from the darkest depression to the sublime and joyous.

Beginning his interest in Music Composition at the age of 13 in Hawaii, Cameron has composed an assortment of musical works for piano, small ensembles, orchestra, concert band, and symphonic orchestra. In 2012 he earned a degree at the University of Washington, Seattle, in music and ethnomusicology, specializing in the gamelan of Indonesia. He has since moved to San Francisco, where he continues to focus on his artistic career.

Various works have been performed by musicians at the University of Hawaii, including his “Nocturne II” by pianist Megumi Kurachi and “Brass Band on Piece 21” by the University's Brass Ensemble under direction of Grant Okamura. The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra performed his fourth movement of Symphony No.1 in collaboration with the University of Hawaii under direction of maestra Joan Laundry. In Seattle, the Seattle Symphonic Band premiered Tempest: for concert band under direction of Lauren Anderson in December of 2007. The Chinook Winds premiered Divertimento No. 1: for double wind quintet and bass clarinet in April of 2008 under direction of UW Doctorate student, Maggii Weitzel.

Attending the UW he has had many wonderful opportunities to work with the schools various ensembles and conductors, such as Ethan Chessin, Garry Brattin, Dr. Steven Morrison, Vu Nguyen, and director of bands Timothy Salzman. In his senior year at UW he worked with Salzman who led the Wind Ensemble in an arrangement of three Schubert Lieder songs arranged for band. For his senior thesis he completed an an original composition for the Seattle Pacific University Gamelan ensemble with Prof. Christina Sunardi.

He has had great opportunities abroad to bring some of his works to life, and selected works have been performed by musicians in various parts of the world. Conductor Garry Brattin (1965-2015) led the Yue Tao Concert Band in 2013 with "Tempest" in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2015 conductor Peter Wuttke led his double wind quintet with the premiere of "Divertimento No.2" and "Divertimento No.1" in Düsseldorf, Germany.