- Artist Statements -


Humanity is at a race between consciousness and catastrophe and I believe we can improve our relationship with a natural world we are increasingly disconnecting from. I am here to offer beautiful moments to help humanity look deep inside, to realize it’s unity and connectedness to nature by immersing the viewer into the primacy of experience. From coral reefs and lava tide pools to the mountains and volcanoes that created them, I loved to spend time in the lush tropical surroundings, particularly near or in the ocean growing up in Hawaii. I became obsessed with complex patterns and textures observed in nature. I recreate these visually dense environments by exploring color, complexity, organic shapes, textures, permutations, perception and scale, and the evolution of repetitive sampling from my own work. It is through that process, I offer a condensed glimpse of the creative imagination that merges with the infinite in a visual adventure. 

Be prepared to leave this world behind. 

- Intermedia Process - 

First, I densely layer mixed media paintings. Then, capture macro photos of intricate details in the paintings that are my “MacroScapes”. Finally, I mirror and kaleidoscope those photos into digital art pieces of geometric patterns and fractals, resulting in my “Modern Mandalas”. In keeping with music composition, the original paintings resemble visual scores. The macro photos are movements, and the Mandalas are measures. This three-step intermedia process grants me as much control as a composer, conductor, and musician would have, and explores transmutation of media and permutation of theme and variation.

- Acrylic Paintings

Each one of us creates their own reality and universe. These paintings are my highly detailed mini universes and are the foundation of my process. As I create intricate and dynamic paintings by using a combination of mixed media such as iridescent, metallic, crushed glass, and UV-reactive paints that play with light. These are also experiments in chemistry, using various additives to vary viscosity and alter appearance. Depending on the viewing angles and light conditions, the paintings change appearance and texture. 


- Macro Photography -

I find working with tiny details fascinating, so viewing the art at five feet away versus five inches away is very different. I wanted to capture this closer viewing experience, and I found a way. Through macro photography, I enlarge the minute and complex details found in my paintings. This sampling of my own paintings takes viewers on a symphonic movement which explores texture, rhythm, and a serenade of color. It further explores the transformation from the material (i.e. paint) to the non (i.e. photo), similarly these photos express a merging of both terrestrial and celestial where boundaries are blurry and ambiguous, realizing their interconnectedness. An expression calling attention to the details rather than the whole, I find beauty in the ambiguous nature of the interpretive abstract form.


- Digital Art -

“Modern Mandalas” are my psychedelic art project attempting to re-create the psychedelic expereince through pareidolia, which is a fun psychological phenomenon where people interpret familiar patterns as faces, objects, or animals where none exists. This is an exercise in how everyone sees reality differently, what do you see? They further merge my personal interests of music, art, science, and the spiritual. These imaginative organic compositions erupt with colorful layers, enormously complex patterns and textures that provide viewers a glimpse into the eternal multiverse and a lifeline to the divine.

These are photos of my paintings that are then mirrored and kaleidoscope’d. It is more than an image seen with our eyes; it is an actual moment in time that express both the microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously into harmonious unity. Each as unique as a snowflake, these Mandalas capture a frozen moment that is a measure of the finite and a road to the infinite. This is what happens when you condense the imagination into to a circle.